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Feeling Fit

Many orthopedic options to treat osteoarthritis

Author and columnist Dave Barry once asked: "Have you noticed that whatever sport you're trying to learn, some earnest person is always telling you to Read More...

Feeling Fit News

Seven remarkable years
Oct 11, 2014 03:52PM

Oct. 5 marked the seventh anniversary since I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have been thinking about what I … Read More...

Healthy eating on a budget
Oct 11, 2014 03:52PM

There is a growing public realization that a healthy diet plays a major role in good health and disease prevention. … Read More...

Free cruise gives local caregivers a much-needed break
Oct 3, 2014 10:32PM

"People who work in an assisted living facility, which I do, work eight to 10 hours a day and then … Read More...

Public transit programs may be the county's 'best-kept secret'
Sep 13, 2014 10:41PM

"People don't know that we exist," said Richard Kolar. "We're one of the county's best-kept secrets." Kolar -- fleet and … Read More...

Don't forget nutrition in your healthy living plan
Sep 13, 2014 10:41PM

Thursday morning, I found an email from my trainer. "I just wanted to ask you to try and be a … Read More...

WebMD Health News

Genes May Not Explain Autism That Runs in Families
Jan 26, 2015 07:19PM

Scientists searching for the genetic roots of autism have found something surprising: In families where two children have been diagnosed with the disorder, siblings don't often share the same gene changes. Read More...

U.K. Nurse Recovers From Ebola
Jan 26, 2015 01:15PM

Pauline Cafferkey, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United Kingdom, has been discharged from a hospital in London after making a full recovery. Read More...

Flu Remains Widespread in Much of U.S.
Jan 23, 2015 06:17PM

The flu is still widespread in a majority of states, and flu-related hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise, the CDC says . Read More...

Allergy Tests and Food Diets: What Parents Need To Know
Jan 22, 2015 11:55AM

With the rise in food allergies over the past decade, allergists trained to treat children say they are seeing more cases where kids are being wrongly advised by pediatricians and primary care doctors to stop eating certain foods. Read More...

Measles at Disneyland: What You Should Know
Jan 21, 2015 11:35AM

At least 42 people have caught measles in an outbreak linked to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park over the Christmas holidays, health officials say. Read More...


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