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CDC: Nearly one in three people develops shingles

Almost anyone under the age of 30 can tell you stories about when they had chicken pox -- the itching, the pink calamine lotion, mothers Read More...

Feeling Fit News

Seven remarkable years
Oct 11, 2014 03:52PM

Oct. 5 marked the seventh anniversary since I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have been thinking about what I … Read More...

Healthy eating on a budget
Oct 11, 2014 03:52PM

There is a growing public realization that a healthy diet plays a major role in good health and disease prevention. … Read More...

Free cruise gives local caregivers a much-needed break
Oct 3, 2014 10:32PM

"People who work in an assisted living facility, which I do, work eight to 10 hours a day and then … Read More...

Public transit programs may be the county's 'best-kept secret'
Sep 13, 2014 10:41PM

"People don't know that we exist," said Richard Kolar. "We're one of the county's best-kept secrets." Kolar -- fleet and … Read More...

Don't forget nutrition in your healthy living plan
Sep 13, 2014 10:41PM

Thursday morning, I found an email from my trainer. "I just wanted to ask you to try and be a … Read More...

WebMD Health News

Heart Transplant 'Breakthrough' Shows Promise
Oct 24, 2014 10:41AM

Australian doctors say they've made a breakthrough in the area of heart transplants that could save the lives of many more patients. Read More...

NYC Doctor Diagnosed With Ebola
Oct 24, 2014 06:41AM

New York City doctor Craig Spencer is diagonsed with Ebola after his return from Guinea working with Doctors Without Borders. Read More...

Klain a Good Pick for Ebola Czar, Experts Say
Oct 23, 2014 12:27PM

President Barack Obama has taken heat for picking former White House aide Ronald Klain -- someone without any medical or public health credentials -- to coordinate the federal government's response to Ebola. Read More...

The Body Fat That Might Help You Shed Pounds
Oct 22, 2014 07:02PM

Getting rid of extra pounds has long been a goal for people who want to improve their health and appearance. Read More...

Could Survivors' Blood Stop Ebola?
Oct 22, 2014 06:12PM

Kent Brantly, the first person to be treated for and recover from Ebola in the U.S., donated his blood -- and the potentially lifesaving proteins it contains -- to treat other Ebola patients. Read More...


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